Crosswalks within Langley City Survey

Crosswalk at Linwood Park at Michaud Crescent and 201A Street
Crosswalk at Linwood Park

One of the keys to creating a safe, healthy, and happy community is to ensure that walking is comfortable and safe. Providing safer and more inviting crosswalks is a request that I’ve heard from many residents in Langley City.

While our city is only 10 square kilometers, there are many possible opportunities for building new or enhancing existing crosswalks.

If you could choose one place to build a new crosswalk, or enhance an existing crosswalk, where would it be?

On the map, please select the location that you would like to see a new or enhanced crosswalk built. You can select many locations on the map, but only the last choice will be remembered.

Once you are satisfied with your location choice, enter your postal code in the box below the map, and select “Confirm Choice”.

Thank you for your help! — Nathan

Icons made by geotatah from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Crosswalks within Langley City Survey